Michael Franks – Tiger in the Rain

Tiger in the Rain from 1979 is one of my favourite Michael Franks albums. I bought this album on CD 1990 and listened a lot to it. Style: smooth jazz, jazz-pop. The album cover is a painting by Henri Rousseau called Tiger in Tropical Storm (1891). Favourite tracks: Sanpaku, Tiger in the Rain, Living on the Inside /  Japanese pressing (1979) / with obi / Condition: A


Heinz Holliger – Famous Oboe Concertos

There are records that you put on the turntable regularly, records that you hardly ever play, and records that you play more often than others. The album Famous Oboe Concertos with Heinz Holliger is such a record. Maybe it’s because of the fantastic playing by Heinz Holliger (1939), a Swiss oboist. Or maybe the fact that I like the oboe. I don’t know, but this is a record that I can fully recommend. Purchased at Disk Union Jazz & Classical in Kichijoji (Tokyo) / Japanese pressing / obi missing / Condition: A


Art Garfunkel – Breakaway

I’m no big fan of Art Garfunkel, the man with the angelic voice. With the right material and to his voice suitable arrangements he sounds great, but there is a tendency that his songs sounds the same. Together with Paul Simon it worked great because Paul Simon has a different kind of voice. Breakaway from 1975 is among his better albums, filled with smooth and breezy music. Favourite tracks: Disney Girls (Bruce Johnston), My Little Town (Paul Simon) / Japanese pressing / with obi / Purchased at Recofan (Yokohama) / Condition: A


Yumi Arai – Cobalt Hour

I don’t listen that much to Japanese artists but Yumin is a favorite of mine. Ever since I began collecting vinyl records here in Tokyo I have been looking for her records from the 70’s.  Cobalt Hour is her third album and was released in 1975. Favorite tracks: Rouge no Dragon, Sotsugyo Shashin. Purchased at Coconuts Records, Kichijoji (Tokyo) / Japanese pressing / Obi missing / Condition: B